Looking for flight training in Las Vegas?

702 helicopters is Las Vegas’s largest helicopter flight school and the ONLY one that specializes in helicopters. Choosing the right school is the most important part of your flight training. We are a helicopter school that also has an airplane, not the other way around. We are also the only school that owns it’s own aircraft. All of the other schools lease their aircraft which means we can offer you the best prices with some of the most well equipped aircraft around – we own 2 R22s and 2 R44s. We have also hired more of our own graduates than any other flight school in Las Vegas. In fact, every other flight school in Las Vegas has hired one or more of our graduates or instructors.

How is 702 Helicopters different?

  • We are family owned and operated – you are more than just a number here… you are family.
  • We offer unlimited ground instruction*!  
  • Have a question while studying? Call our office to talk to an instructor, or schedule a lesson with your instructor for the same day if needed. We are here to help you succeed!
  • Our package rates include everything! All books, PowerPoint lessons, videos, flight instruction, ground instruction, helicopter rental, fuel & airport taxes.
    No hidden charges!

*Need extra flight time? Our “pay-as-you-go” rates are some of the lowest you will find !!

We are Las Vegas’s largest helicopter flight school
and the ONLY one that specializes in helicopters, along with fixed wing training.


Training in Las Vegas has many benefits!

  • The mountainous terrain allows us to practice challenging pinnacle approaches and confined area landings.
  • Las Vegas’ weather is perfect for flying year-round! Spring and Fall offer some windier conditions, which allow us to practice more challenging cross-wind takeoffs and approaches. The hot summer weather teaches us about “Density Altitude” and tests the performance envelope of the aircraft.
  • North Las Vegas and Henderson Airports border McCarran International Airport’s Class Bravo airspace, allowing our students the experience of flying underneath and through busy controlled airspace.
  • During the hot summer months, the high density altitude in the Las Vegas area allows you to log “Mountain” time in your logbook; an added bonus when applying for flying jobs.
  • Flying in the beautiful Las Vegas Valley will add real-world value to your training!