Fixed Wing

Fixed Wing Training

Our fleet includes aircraft such as the Cessna 172, which is a very safe training aircraft. You will build the skills you need to fly in the busy airspace surrounding Las Vegas and fly to many beautiful airports close by.

To become an airplane pilot you will need to get:

  • An FAA Medical and Student Pilot Certificate
  • A minimum of 40 Hours of Flight Time
  • 20 Hours of Dual Flight Instruction
  • 10 Hours of Solo Flight Time


C172 $175/Hour Dual    $150/Hour Solo
PPL*—40 Flight Hours, Unlimited Ground $9,000
Ground Instruction $55

*Private Pilot License

Discovery Flight

Come, check out our flight line and take a discovery flight to see what it is like to be a pilot.

If you want to come get a chance to see if flying is for you take one of our discovery flights. We will give you a half hour of ground instruction and a half hour of flight training that you can log.

R22 :  $185

R44 : $285

C172 : $95

Who We Are

We here at 702 offer a high quality training environment that focuses on student success. Our goal is to help our students become safe and competent pilots.

We maintain our aircraft to the highest standards by our on site mechanics and make sure that we give our students the tools they will need to be competitive in the industry.

We train pilots for the professional world as well as for pure enjoyment.

Time Needed

Flying is a big investment and we understand that most people have jobs that they are trying to juggle as well. We work weekends and evenings as needed to help you get the training you need. You can get your certificate in as little as 9 weeks.


We hire more from within than any other flight school in Las Vegas. We also offer internships and entry level positions to our graduates to help get you the hours you need to move on to the career you have always dreamed of.